Mariners Escrow Corporation has been serving the coastal real estate community for over 40 years. We have been the number one independent escrow company in the area since 1995 and have maintained our clientele by providing concierge customer service, confidentiality and competitive fees. Mariners Escrow is known in the real estate community for our high professional standards and ethics on each transaction. 

Mariners Escrow is managed by the top escrow executives in the industry, each with their own area of focus to make sure each transaction is handled properly for our clients. With 9 escrow officers boasting a combined 150 years of expertise in all facets of escrow, Mariners Escrow Corporation is the escrow firm of choice for discerning clients and top real estate professionals in Orange County. Our escrow officers are experts at all types of real estate transaction, including resale, refinance, commercial (industrial, office, multi-tenant) and bulk sales (business sales). 

Mariners Escrow has been handling many major REO(Real Estate Owned/Bank Owned) accounts since the downturn in 2006. We have streamlined the REO process to make sure we meet the deadlines of our clients, asset managers and banks. Mariners Escrow has received the highest marks available for service and professionalism from each and every bank/asset manager. 

Mariners Escrow adheres to a strict code of principles and ethics, guaranteeing your escrow transaction will be handled as mandated by the local governing laws and regulations. You can be confident your escrow will be managed professionally. Mariners Escrow is an independent escrow company licensed by the California Department of Corporations and a member of the Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation. We are a truly independent neutral third party with no ties to any real estate broker, lender or title company.