Director of Growth & Development

O: 949-412-4650

Fa Karamzadeh


Fa Karamzadeh brings over 24 years of marketing/advertising experience in television, digital, print and social media in various real estate markets. He has built his business over 15 years as a realtor, and an additional 6 years as a brokerage manager helping agents grow their business and most importantly taking his offices to #1 market share in their respective coastal markets.

What distinguishes Fa from other real estate leaders? A true passion for the art of the deal along with an insatiable entrepreneurial spirit. This is the foundation of his success.

As a highly skilled and experienced negotiator, Fa has participated in the closing of more than 2,000 transactions over 20+ years. As a trusted leader, he is passionate about cultivating and mentoring real estate agents. In fact, his greatest inspiration comes from mentoring CEOs to create wealth with the leverage of real estate.

Having been recognized on a national level, Fa has a special advantage in that he has an extensive network that includes outside associations, which are indispensable when getting projects completed. From banking officers to insurance brokers to trade associations to inspectors and engineers, he prides himself on having a cadre of contacts and an intimate knowledge of current real estate market trends.

Known for an overarching sense of accountability, conscientiousness and vision when serving as the face of a company and driving net-new revenue, Fa thoroughly enjoys supporting agents to take their business to the next level and achieve their quotas. His greatest pleasure comes from structuring and closing a profitable and mutually beneficial transaction.

In short, Fa is most inspired by serving others and delivering on financial goals. He absolutely enjoys growing revenue by using his talent for strategy and taking deals to the next level.

Blessed with a high degree of leadership agility, listening skills and EQ, Fa can make quick decisions when the going gets tough. With that said, he is considered to be relentless in striving to deliver a win-win deal for everyone involved.

Fa is fortunate that his career has allowed him to do what he loves the most: connecting with his clients, team and staff so they can realize their full potential.